UCF Cap & Gown FAQ

UCF Cap & Gown FAQ

How will I receive my cap & gown?

Your cap & gown will be shipped to your home address in approximately 3 -4 weeks from placing the order.

How long may I keep my gown?

All gowns are to be returned immediately following the Ceremony to the B&N@UCF Bookstore directly across from the Arena.


If I just want to purchase an individual item, for instance a cap, tassel or stole, how do I do that?

The B&N@UCF Bookstore is open and has plenty of extra items for you to purchase.


Can I purchase my custom rental gown?

We do not sell our custom rental gowns that you rent for graduation.  You may purchase custom Academic Regalia by visiting the B&N@UCF Bookstore or contacting our office at the phone number below.


For all other questions or concerns, please contact your Herff Jones Representative at:

Phone:  904-641-4060
Email:  SteveSmithAssociates@herffjones.com

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