UCF Cap & Gown FAQ

UCF Cap & Gown FAQ

 Can I request a refund for my cap & gown?

Yes, you may request a refund for your cap & gown by contacting our Customer Service Department at 800-837-4235.

How long may I keep my gown?

If you are participating in the 2020 make-up Ceremony in November, please return your gown no later than December 18th.


 How do I return my gown?

Your package will include a return shipping label.  You will just need to place your used rental items in the box that it was shipped to you in, seal it up, place the return label on it and drop the package off at any local FedEx drop off. 

Bachelor students will need to return their gown.

Masters students will need to return the gown, and hood.

Doctoral students will need to return the gown, tam, and hood.


If I just want to purchase an individual item, for instance a cap, tassel or stole, how do I do that?

The B&N@UCF Bookstore is open and has plenty of extra items for you to purchase.


Can I purchase my custom rental gown?

We do not sell our custom rental gowns that you rent for graduation.  You may purchase custom Academic Regalia by visiting the B&N@UCF Bookstore or online at academicregalia.herffjones.com.


For all other questions or concerns, please contact your Herff Jones Representative at:
Phone:  904-641-4060

Email:  SteveSmithAssociates@herffjones.com

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