History of the USC Ring Tradition
"Symbols of the past and the future..."

The Trojan Family Collection is designed exclusively for upperclassmen and alumni of the University of Southern California. The rings symbolize the academic excellence and Trojan Spirit that USC students and alumni treasure. Wearing the USC ring represents the exceptional pride you feel in accomplishing your goal of graduating from this prestigious university. We invite you to reward yourself with a symbol of excellence. Available only to your fellow graduates of the University of Southern California, these rings show an uncommon and everlasting link to a memorable time. By participating in this timeless tradition, your eye-catching circle of gold will connect you forever to wonderful memories, a remarkably special place, and a time when you realized your extraordinary potential.

For years to come, the past, present and future will be represented in a custom ring of priceless value that bears the name University of Southern California.

Photos obtained from http://www.usc.edu/